Do you have the space to be yourself... no matter who you have around you? 

Would you be interested in some easy tools that can keep you calm and happy on the inside even when there is drama around you?

Are you looking for change and ready to explore something different that is easy & fun? To see what is possible for you that you may not have considered? And prioritize what is important to you and your life right now?

I would like to invite you into a possibility where you create a life on your terms with inner fulfillment, joy and a space where your needs are included. Imagine a life where you are in "the flow/zone" daily? Where anything is possible and where you get the power of asking open-ended questions and ultimately being in question moment by moment.

Are you looking for any of the following?

  • Gift your body & mind a relaxing Access Bars® session that will shift how you feel inside (mind chatter bye bye!)?
  • Transform, strategize or brainstorm ideas for your business?
  • Organize and simplify your physical space, life and daily “to do’s”?
  • Harmonize and bring out what's on the inside and select colors & clothing that bring out your inner essence & beauty?
  • Have photographs taken of you that bring out the awesome energy that you bring to this world for social media and more?

I can contribute to you and offer ideas, practical and organizational tools to simplify and create more space in your life and facilitate Access Bars® sessions.

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In my BLOG I share some of my life experiences and tools with the intention to inspire!

Disclaimer: Access Consciousness® is a registered and trademarked company and name. The ideas and posts expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the teachings of points of view of Access Consciousness® or Gary Douglas or Dr. Dain Heer.

Many of the questions that you see on my website originated or were inspired by questions from various Access Consciousness® courses, and some are my own creation.  To find out more about Access click on the link.

Space-2-Play Awareness explorations, what can we create and expand on together?