As far back as I can remember I’ve been sought out for advise, personal and business, while I was exploring different paths for myself.


I have the ability to create a safe space for people to relax and be themselves. I love to inspire and be part of the process of facilitating change in people's lives in a playful, positive and casual way. Balancing flow and a focused "kick in the butt" to get into action mode.


Continual growth and exploration of who I am, shedding values and beliefs that no longer serve me to free up the space to be me, all of me, all the time, is a moment by moment choice that I prioritize in my life.


I thrive on change and learning new things every day, being playful, silly, having FUN, and laughing daily. The f-bomb will fly out of my mouth and other random ideas so I’m not for the faint of heart.


Having acted on impulses throughout my life I’ve created many learning lessons that in the end always have turned into gratitude.


I am fascinated about space on all levels, having expansive conversations in any area of life and to live and go beyond the "box" of whatever "normal" is.


I am a GALLUP® Certified Strengths Coach, an Access Bars® Practitioner, an ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church Monastery and a published Author.


With more than 30 years of experience in contributing to entrepreneurial business success I’ve experienced a variety of phases, roles and situations. From being a business advisor to high level executives, re-organizing business areas to starting up a subsidiary from scratch and instrumental to creating the foundation that exists today and enjoying the fruits of what I created. My philosophy in general is that what I don't know I'll figure out.


My photographic eye loves to capture the essence of who people truly are and that serves me well in my coaching business. We all see life through different lenses and some of them are holding us back from seeing the full picture and stepping into the full power of ourselves. Teaming up with a coach that can see your life through a different lens could connect the dots of how your strengths and talents can be used in our daily life. I’m here to help!


My philosophy in general is that what I don’t know I’ll figure out.


I see possibility and potential everywhere, its how I’m wired! Would you like to play?



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Here are two books that I co-authored in 2016 for anyone seeking inspiration and tools! 🙂