I love taking photographs and was often seen with a camera in tote since I was a kid, just for fun (this was long before camera phones). I've often used them to create cards, adding motivational texts and posting to Facebook banners, websites or printing out and framing as is.

Photography! Are you looking for some new images of you? For social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your business cards? Are you looking for someone that will do her best to be silly to bring out your laughter and capture your inner giant and essence? If so I might be your girl! 🙂

What fun can we create together? Catch me in the Los Angeles area or when I'm traveling. The samples below where taken on the fly - i.e. not planned sessions. I love bringing out the beauty in people and focus on natural light outdoor photography.

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Landscape: These images will be offered as is, with or without custom text, as digital files in several size formats and also as high res non-royalty files that you can use to print. For high res printing the max size will vary. Click below to see the current images offered.

Beach & Sunset     Miscellaneous     Nature     Plants      Walls

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Portraits - Natural light and outdoors