Here are some people that I recommend and endorse warmly, they offer high quality and life changing products and services in a variety of ways, making this world a better place for us all by them being in it and sharing their gifts.

I adore you all! xoxo

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Here are some of the many amazing Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitators that I have taken classes with.

Blossom Benedict

Cory Michelle

Dr. Dain Heer

Gary Douglas

Katherine McIntosh

Shannon O'Hara



Danielle M Miller - communicate your voice & vibe using your archetypes and more

Ryan Rhoten - building your online brand

Sally Hogshead - discover how do you influence and communicate your brand clearly



Jennifer Butler - Celebrate your beauty and receive the colors that express the essence of who YOU are in the world on the outside too.



Katherine Moffat Designs- One of a kind jewelry in bronze, brass, copper and more



Katrina Briggs - Amazing macro photography

In Her Image Photography - Celebrating women by bringing out the essence of each woman through beautiful photography (they took my pictures)